Web Archive

Last checked on:
25 February 2022
Published on:
28 December 2021

Government information, both current and archived data, needs to be accessible. Access to old information can be important because of historical facts or cultural aspects. Or companies and citizens can use information from governmental websites. For instance, they can use information from a government website as proof in a lawsuit. That is why we archive the old pages of this website.

How does the web archive work?

Every day we make an archive copy of our website. Would you like to know what we published on previous versions of our website?

There are three options to search the web archive:

  • Select a date in the past in the calendar and navigate through the website version of that date.
  • Click on ‘geavanceerd zoeken’ next to the search bar below the calendar and apply filters (in Dutch).
  • Use the search bar below the calendar and search on a topic.
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