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This page offers all documents and publications, such as: opinions, reports, decisions, brochures, fact sheets, annual reports and scans. You can filter by publication type, sector, subsidy, regulation or country and also choose the heading 'recent ' for the latest publications as well as 'library' for other relevant publications.

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  1. Shiraka Improving public performance in partnerships 2016-2021
    PDF document | 2,74 MB | 14 February 2023

    The main aim of the evaluation of Shiraka 2016-2021 was to gain insight into the relevance and the short- and longer-term results and spin-offs achieved by the STP and G2G intervention. The evaluation reconstructed and analysed a programme-specific Theory of Change to verify if interventions led to both individual (skills/knowledge, ideas/inspiration, international relations/networks) and institutional effects. Data collection in response to the specific evaluation questions took place through desk study, survey and focus group discussions among participants of STP and G2G learning trajectories, and interviews with various stakeholders in the Netherlands and seven selected programme countries, including representatives of Dutch embassies and national governments.

  2. FDW Policy brief - an analysis of the portfolio through a partnership lens
    PDF document | 344,26 KB | 14 February 2023

    This research combines inductive (what we expect to see) and deductive analysis. In analysing the portfolio, differences have emerged in the objectives of initiatives and subsequently how the resulting partnerships have taken shape. This fresh way of looking at the portfolio – through a partnership lens – can be explored further by documenting individual initiatives in greater depth based on a set of expected characteristics of different partnership types.

  3. NRW Practice Note VEI RVO Jan 2021
    PDF document | 678,86 KB | 14 February 2023

    Achieved results, underlying approaches and contributing factors to success of 8 Non-Revenue Water (NRW) reduction interventions (2012-2019) of 19 water operators from Asia and Africa are presented in this Practice Note. The document builds on the joint review commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency – Sustainable Water Fund (SWF) and executed by Ad Doppenberg – Advisory Services in Water and Reint-Jan de Blois – VEI. Its conclusions and recommendations can assist practitioners in designing and implementing future NRW programmes.



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