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You can find all documents and publications here that we offer through our website. This includes opinions, reports, decisions, brochures, fact sheets, annual reports and scans. You can filter by publication type, sector, subsidy, regulation or country.

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  1. Climate Adaptation projects in Vietnam Phillippines and Indonesia
    PDF document | 1,63 MB | 13 May 2022

    This market study looks at business opportunities in climate adaptation projects in Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. It targets Dutch companies who work or want to work on projects for International Financing Organisations in Southeast Asia, such as the World Bank and Asian Development Bank. In particular, on themes serving the development agenda of the Government of the Netherlands, such as Climate Adaptation.

  2. Energylist 2022
    PDF document | 1,08 MB | 13 May 2022

    Energy List 2022 Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) Energy List 2022 Commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy >> Sustainable. Agricultural. Innovative. International. Contents Introduction 3 1. How does...

  3. Lake_Tanganyika_Market_Demands
    PDF document | 3,53 MB | 22 April 2022

    The study provides information on trade opportunities between the countries on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, with a focus on Zambia and the port in Mpulungu. As such, this study fills a gap, as previous studies focused on the infrastructure and logistics of maritime trade on the lake.

  4. NL Biobased Tech Guide 2022
    PDF document | 7,68 MB | 12 April 2022

    Advancing biobased energy | Dutch technology and innovation are raising the bar Advancing biobased energy Dutch technology and innovation are raising the bar Biobased Energy Guide2 Biobased excellence and innovation The Netherlands is...

  5. Market study: WACA program - Findings from existing projects and business opportunities
    PDF document | 2,45 MB | 09 March 2022

    This report looks at business opportunities that are part of the Worldbank's West Africa Coastal Areas Management Program (WACA). It identifies the most important stakeholders and their roles. The report also mentions the challenges that the private sector encounters when bidding on WACA projects and the lessons learned from coastal resilience projects in general. Additionally, the study contains a list of current WACA projects that might be interesting to Dutch entrepreneurs.



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