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  1. FDOV/SDGP NFP Capacity Deverlopment Report 2023
    MS Word document | 5,88 MB | 15 March 2023

    FDOV/SDGP NFP Capacity Deverlopment Report 2023 Capacity Development in Public-Private Partnerships Lessons Learnt from NL Funded Projects This report reviews capacity development (CD) as practiced by selected Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) supported by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), with the objective of identifying inspiring examples, and ways of improving CD. Four completed projects under the Facility for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security (FDOV), and two ongoing projects under the Sustainable Development Goals Partnership (SDGP) facility were reviewed, five with focus in East Africa, and one in West Africa. Given this limited number, we emphasise that care should be taken in extrapolating our findings to the complete FDOV/SDGP portfolios. It should also be made clear that the purpose of the review is not an evaluation per se of the FDOV/SDGP programmes or the selected projects themselves.

  2. PVW-IVWW Intake form 2023
    MS Word document | 79,39 KB | 11 November 2022

    This form prepares you for the intake interview. It will help you explain your international ambition for the PVW-IVWW subsidy scheme within the Partners for Water 2022-2027 programme.

  3. FDW - A decade of RVO management 2022
    PDF document | 5,92 MB | 04 October 2022

    In this report, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) programme team reflects on a decade of implementing Sustainable Water Fund (FDW) water projects in public-private partnerships (PPP). FDW aims to make a long-term contribution to water safety and security, sustainable economic growth, self-reliance and the fight against poverty in developing countries and emerging economies. It does this through collective initiatives between governmental organisations, the private sector and NGOs, as well as knowledge institutes in some partnerships. The focus is on improving access to drinking water, sanitation and solid waste management; realising efficient and sustainable water use, particularly in agriculture; and realising safe deltas and improved basin management. Over the past decade, FDW has invested €150 million in 42 projects and partnerships in 24 countries, covering the 3 FDW sub-themes Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), including Waste; Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM); and Water Efficiency in agriculture. This executive summary includes a selection of the most important observations, recommendations and considerations, arranged according to the different topics discussed in this report. The report is intended as a reflection document to stimulate further discussion but also possible future replication and contextualising of lessons.



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