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You can find all documents and publications here that we offer through our website. This includes opinions, reports, decisions, brochures, fact sheets, annual reports and scans. You can filter by publication type, sector, subsidy, regulation or country.

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  1. 1. Progress report annual
    MS Word document | 135,78 KB | 27 August 2021

    1 Progress report SDGP PARTNERSHIP FACILITY Progress report number SDGP project code for example SDGPXXXXTZ) Project title Name applicant Reporting period Date of report Instructions: This report is a summary of the...

  2. 10. Definitions Indicators
    PDF document | 322,86 KB | 09 July 2021

    Microsoft Word - 7. Definitions indicators Definitions indicators Guidance note for SDGP partnerships This document will assist you in (co-)developing consistent and logical M&E frames of SDGP initiatives. Its goal also is to guide you...

  3. Contributing to SDG12 with public-private partnerships 2021
    PDF document | 4,15 MB | 30 June 2021

    SDG12 is all about responsible consumption and production. We can produce more with less but only if we use the available natural resources more sustainably and efficiently. From Rwanda to Peru, from coffee to computers, this brochure presents 9 inspiring case studies from FDOV and SDGP projects that bring the circular economy into practice.

  4. Audit protocol SDGP
    PDF document | 699,27 KB | 04 May 2021

    Microsoft Word - Audit protocol 2021 Audit protocol for the SDGP policy framework 1 Audit protocol for the Sustainable Developments Goals Partnership Facility (SDGP) 1. Introduction 1.1 SDGP goal and design We base our decision to...

  5. SDGP Dutch Policy Rules update 3 June 2019
    PDF document | 98,50 KB | 13 October 2020

    SDGP 2e call staatscourantpublicatie AVT19/BZ128908B 1 Order of the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of 3 June 2019, MINBUZA- 2019.352950, amending the Order of the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation...

  6. Definitions indicators SDGP
    OpenDocument Text | 74,62 KB | 13 October 2020

    Definitions SDGP indicators Overarching indicators Indicator:Amount ofmobilisedprivate finance (Euro)- Dutch and local Definition:Mobilised private finance is the amount of finance generated (in millioneuros) from private resources in a particular...

  7. Definitions indicators SDGP
    MS Word document | 88,39 KB | 04 November 2019

    Definitions SDGP indicators Overarching indicators Indicator: Amount of mobilised private finance (Euro)- Dutch and local Definition: Mobilised private finance is the amount of finance generated (in million euros) from private resources in a...