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  1. Explorations 02 Business Models in Food and Water PPPs
    PDF document | 850,01 KB | 11 August 2021

    PPPLab, together with BoP Innovation Center and Rebel Group, scanned 29 FDOV PPPs and 13 FDW PPPs (= all PPPs approved in the 2012 calls for proposals) to better understand their business models with special focus on the inclusiveness and risk management. This Exploration captures some key findings and briefly presents the PPPCanvas developed as a result of this work.

  2. Explorations 01 A portfolio scan of the Sustainable Water Fund
    PDF document | 711,22 KB | 11 August 2021

    This working document presents an initial analysis of the portfolio of projects approved under the first and second call of the Sustainable Water Fund (FDW), and seeks to get to grips with the basic ‘change logic’ of these projects from a public–private partnership perspective. The main objective of this study is to investigate the types of PPP dynamics that have been created in the FDW portfolio, thereby especially focusing on the engagement of private partners.

  3. Delivering on the promise of transformational change What does it take for Dutch-supported PPPs?
    PDF document | 386,06 KB | 11 August 2021

    This paper presents the main lessons from Dutch-supported public–private partnerships (PPPs) in food security and water, based on four years of research by PPPLab. It provides building blocks for making PPPs deliver on the ustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with fundamental implications for key partners in PPPs and policymakers, both from the Netherlands and from other countries that share the SDG ambitions.

  4. PPPLab PWG Formatting Tool 2018
    PDF document | 582,42 KB | 11 August 2021

    The tool aims to assist partnership practitioners, representatives from the business sector, NGOs, and bilateral and international agencies wishing to build or improve their partnering activities with governments in developing countries.

  5. SBP - 27 juli 2021 - cumulatief
    PDF document | 120,45 KB | 04 August 2021

    Goedgekeurde versie van SBP - 6 juli 2021 1 van 2 De goedgekeurde versie van SBP omvat op 6 juli 2021 de volgende schemadocumenten: • SBP Standard 1: Feedstock Compliance Standard. Version 1.0 March 2015 • SBP Standard 2: Verification of SBP-...



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