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This page offers all documents and publications, such as: opinions, reports, decisions, brochures, fact sheets, annual reports and scans. You can filter by publication type, sector, subsidy, regulation or country and also choose the heading 'recent ' for the latest publications as well as 'library' for other relevant publications.

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  1. Quick Scan form DRIVE
    MS Word document | 102,50 KB | 20 November 2015

    Quick Scan form DRIVE August 2015 Instructions for use: This Quick Scan form is meant for interested companies that want to assess whether their project idea would possibly fit DRIVE. It is an additional service offered by the...

  2. PSI Obligation to report
    PDF document | 553,36 KB | 09 November 2015

    \376\377\000P\000S\000I\000 \000O\000b\000l\000i\000g\000a\000t\000i\000o\000n\000 \000t\000o\000 \000r\000e\000p\000o\000r\000t\000_\0001 Page 1 Private Sector Investment Programme (PSI) January 2014 Obligation to report – what are...



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