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  1. FDW Policy brief - an analysis of the portfolio through a partnership lens
    PDF document | 344,26 KB | 28 July 2022

    This research combines inductive (what we expect to see) and deductive analysis. In analysing the portfolio, differences have emerged in the objectives of initiatives and subsequently how the resulting partnerships have taken shape. This fresh way of looking at the portfolio – through a partnership lens – can be explored further by documenting individual initiatives in greater depth based on a set of expected characteristics of different partnership types.

  2. FDW The Public-Private Partnership Portfolio
    PDF document | 2,17 MB | 28 July 2022

    In the Sustainable Water Fund, we have seen many examples of successful cooperation with more than 10 years of experience with public-private partnerships. PPPs can achieve sustainable and inclusive impact by taking a long-term perspective on development, building consensus and developing shared objectives. Also, by complementing and building on each other's strengths and responsibilities. But most importantly, working together creates energy for sustainable solutions in the water sector, and a systems change approach. This portfolio consists of unique and varied examples of partnerships. It provides insights into the partner perspectives, the different types of partnerships, and the partnering processes.



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