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  • Building bridges and connecting communities in Guinea

    Guinea and the Netherlands are working together to build 5 bridges in the Conakry and Coyah region. This infrastructure project will improve the region's access to the rest of the country. It will give the...

    10 May 2021

  • Building hydrogen-fuelled partnerships

    A new guide promotes the Netherlands as a partner in hydrogen technology. It also showcases Dutch hydrogen companies looking for international collaborations and trade opportunities. The world experiences...

    1 April 2021

  • Niger's hottest city gets fresh drinking water

    Clean drinking water is still not available everywhere. For this reason, the United Nations has declared 22 March World Water Day. Last week, the President of Niger opened a new water treatment plant in...

    19 March 2021

  • Over 6,000 clean cookstoves in Western Kenya

    In Western Kenya, many people do not have access to clean cooking appliances. They prepare their meals using wood-fuelled cookstoves or open fires. These methods are unsafe and produce a lot of smoke. Burn...

    10 February 2021

  • 2 new projects complete the SDGP portfolio

    The Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Facility (SDGP) has approved 2 final projects. They will take place in Madagascar and Iraq. With these projects, the SDGP portfolio is complete. Both...

    25 January 2021

  • Access to energy: SDG 7 selects 12 new projects

    In support of SDG7, universal access to energy, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency has selected proposals from 12 private companies. These companies aim to expand their markets with basic energy services...

    4 June 2020



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