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  1. Borssele Wind Farm Sites I & II

    On 5 July 2017 the subsidy and permits for the Borssele Wind Farm Sites I and II were awarded to Ørsted Borssele 1 B.V., formerly known as DONG Energy. There were 38 bids in total...

  2. About FVO Partnerships

    One of the conditions for submitting an application for a Fund for Responsible Business (FVO) subsidy under pillar 1 is that your company must be part of a partnership. This...

  3. Borssele Wind Farm Site V, Innovation Site

    On Friday 6 April 2018, Minister Wiebes of Economic Affairs and Climate announced that Two Towers B.V., a consortium of Van Oord Renewable Finance, Investri Offshore and Green...

  4. Incoming mission Qatar

    Six talented female entrepreneurs from the State of Qatar visited the Netherlands late April for a 3 day programme on the topic of female entrepreneurship. Through the short-term...

  5. Using the sun to water Tanzanian fields

    Most Tanzanian farmers use diesel pumps to water their fields when there is no rain. But the pumps are polluting and not reliable. Switching to solar panels is a more attractive...

  6. Women power to get out of poverty

    In India, many people live in poverty. For women, job opportunities are scarce. To help deal with this problem, Pollinate Group organises entrepreneurship training courses for...