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  1. Development Cooperation

    Find partnerships and funding, and get advice on your development cooperation project., Why do we need development cooperation?, For people in developing countries, there is no...

  2. Proposal Environment list

    The Environment List is updated annually. Anyone can submit a proposal for the next Environment List. 

  3. Features SDE++

    The SDE++ is an operating subsidy. This means that you will receive a subsidy during the operating period of your project. You may be able to apply for a Stimulation of...

  4. Renewable energy for all

    Worldwide, hundreds of millions of households do not have access to energy. Or they only have access to polluting fuels for cooking. Companies and organisations help accelerate...

  5. Using the sun to water Tanzanian fields

    Most Tanzanian farmers use diesel pumps to water their fields when there is no rain. But the pumps are polluting and not reliable. Switching to solar panels is a more attractive...

  6. Women power to get out of poverty

    In India, many people live in poverty. For women, job opportunities are scarce. To help deal with this problem, Pollinate Group organises entrepreneurship training courses for...