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  1. International Organisations

    Every year, international organisations spend billions of euros on projects in developing countries and emerging markets. This results in tenders and assignments that could be...

  2. Horizon Europe Structure

    Horizon Europe consists of 3 pillars and horizontal actions. The relationship between the pillars and horizontal actions is presented in the diagram below. Horizon Europe...

  3. Horizon Europe - overview advisors

    Would you like to know more about the Pillars and Horizontal actions? Find out which advisor you can contact. Overview advisors Subject Contact person Pillar 1  Excellence Science...

  4. Research and Development

    The Netherlands has a long and strong tradition in deploying innovative projects around the world. In sectors such as water, energy and food security - to name a few - the...

  5. Finding a facilitator

    One of the conditions of the startup residence permit is that you work together with a business mentor: a facilitator. The startup entrepreneur and the facilitator must establish...