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  1. Fraud and violations of integrity

    Preventing and tackling fraud and violations of integrity is taken extremely seriously at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Any kind of fraud or violation of integrity is...

  2. Home

    NL Agency is a division of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs that carries out policy and subsidy programmes focusing on sustainability, innovation, international business and...

  3. National Inventory Entity

    Under the UN Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Kyoto Protocol, Parties are required to report regularly on emissions of greenhouse gases and on steps they are taking...

  4. Patents & other IP rights

    The Netherlands Patent Office, a department of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, implements (inter)national patenting regulations within the Netherlands and promotes the use of...

  5. FVO Partnerships (Pillar 1)

    Entrepreneurs who operate internationally or purchase goods from abroad do not always have clear insight into all aspects of their value chain relating to Responsible Business...

  6. Project management (SDGP)

    After approval of your proposal, the project partners start implementing the project. The Grant Award of The Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( defines the results that have...

  7. How to apply for EIA

    You have made an investment that ensures energy savings or you’re planning to do so. The investment is eligible for financial deduction through the EIA. What now?