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  1. How to apply for EIA

    You have made an investment that ensures energy savings or you’re planning to do so. The investment is eligible for financial deduction through the EIA. What now?

  2. Project Management SDGP

    After approval of your proposal, you and your project partners can start your project. The organisation that leads the project must report on the project's progress. The first...

  3. Horizon Europe Structure

    Horizon Europe consists of 3 pillars and horizontal actions. The relationship between the pillars and horizontal actions is presented in the diagram below. Horizon Europe...

  4. Horizon Europe - overview advisors

    Would you like to know more about the Pillars and Horizontal actions? Find out which advisor you can contact. Overview advisors Subject Contact person Pillar 1  Excellence Science...

  5. ABC roles and tasks

    For an ABC role, your organisation must have experience in the tasks relevant to that role.

  6. Calculation SDG 7 Results

    If we approve your SDG 7 Results project, the amount of subsidy you will receive depends on the bid you made to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. For example,     Bid €25...

  7. SDG 7 Results technologies

    The SDG 7 Results programme only supports projects that use renewable energy sources. The product service level you provide to a household is rated based on the Multi-Tier...