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  1. WBSO administration

    If you applied for the WBSO tax credit for research and development, you are required to keep an administration. A proper administration will provide simple and clear insights...

  2. WBSO tax credit benefit

    The WBSO is a tax credit for research and development. The tax credit benefit that the WBSO grants you depends on the legal form of your business.

  3. WBSO statement

    You must always notify the Netherlands Enterprise Agency of the number of hours you have spent on research and development during the year in question. And, if applicable, the...

  4. Apply for Fund against Child Labour

    FBK is closed for now; you cannot apply for a subsidy at this moment. The procedure consists of several steps: We offer you a noncommittal orientation interview about the subsidy...

  5. Project Management SDGP

    After approval of your proposal, you and your project partners can start your project. The organisation that leads the project must report on the project's progress. The first...

  6. Market studies International Organisations

    International Organisations (TIO) publishes market studies about promising sectors abroad. These studies show a specific country's sector that offers exciting business...