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  1. Netherlands-MENA Partnership (Shiraka)

    Shiraka, a Netherlands-MENA Partnership, is a Dutch bilateral effort that supports sustainable democratic transition in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). Shiraka was...

  2. LAND-at-scale

    LAND-at-scale contributes to improving land governance and can be beneficial to economic development and peace and stability in developing countries. The programme supports...

  3. Shiraka Training Programme (STP)

    The Shiraka Training Programme (STP) is part of the Shiraka Programme that has been developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support sustainable democratic transition in...

  4. New programme LAND-at-scale is launched

    The new programme LAND-at-scale was announced by Minister Kaag for International Trade and Development. In her intervention at the High-level LANDdialogue, the Minister referred...

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