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  1. African Biodigester Component - ABC

    Would you like to support the growth and sustainability of the commercial biogas sector in Sub-Saharan Africa? We are looking for organisations that are interested in an...

  2. MIA and Vamil

    Are you an entrepreneur and do you want to benefit from a tax scheme for investing in environmentally-friendly technology? You may be eligible for the Environmental investment...

  3. Climate and Energy Response Facility - CERF

    Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and mitigating climate change is now more important than ever. The Climate and Energy Response Facility (CERF) contributes to this...

  4. Young Expert Programmes – Energy

    Are you active in the field of renewable energy? Would you like to recruit a young professional for a 1 or 2-year period? Young Expert Programmes – Energy (YEP Energy) provides...

  5. Development Cooperation

    Find partnerships and funding, and get advice on your development cooperation project., Why do we need development cooperation?, For people in developing countries, there is no...

  6. What is clean cooking?

    On this page, we look at clean cooking, what it means, which fuels are clean, the impact on people and the climate, what we are doing to help, and much more.

  7. ABC roles and tasks

    For an ABC role, your organisation must have experience in the tasks relevant to that role.

  8. Proposal Environment list

    The Environment List is updated annually. Anyone can submit a proposal for the next Environment List. 

  9. Features SDE++

    The SDE++ is an operating subsidy. This means that you will receive a subsidy during the operating period of your project. During this period, your project costs more than it...

  10. Renewable energy

    One third of the world's population uses dangerous and inefficient cooking systems. More than 700 million people lack access to electricity. 3 out of 4 of them live in Sub-Saharan...