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  1. African Biodigester Component - ABC

    The African Biodigester Component (ABC) supports the growth and sustainability of the commercial biogas sector in Sub-Saharan Africa. The programme focuses on Burkina Faso, Kenya...

  2. International Clean Energy Partnership - ICEP

    The International Clean Energy Partnership (ICEP) focuses on promoting trade. It helps Dutch businesses that offer renewable energy products and services abroad. The programme...

  3. Bioenergy policy

    Biomass plays a vital role in climate goals, including reducing CO 2 and other greenhouse gases. The use of biomass is crucial to the sustainability of our economy, and to achieve...

  4. Law and regulations on biomass

    Biomass systems must follow Dutch legislation, such as the Nature Conservation Act and, in the case of emissions standards, the Activities Decree. See below for an explanation....

  5. Policy on renewable energy for transport

    The Netherlands has committed to increasing the use of renewable energy for mobility. We intend to reduce the use of fossil fuels and CO 2 emissions from transport. We aim to...

  6. Sustainability criteria for biofuels

    Biofuels or liquid biomass must meet the European sustainability criteria. If they do so, they can count towards the Renewable Energy for Transport Annual Obligation.

  7. Handbook Certification Solid Biomass

    Sustainability certification of solid biomass is gaining increasing interest, in particular for biomass used for bio-energy production. Sustainability certification is used as an...

  8. FAQ Sustainability criteria for solid biomass

    Starting 1 January 2018 scheme holders can apply for approval of their scheme for the Dutch sustainability requirements at RVO.nl.  According to new legislation the minister will...