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  1. African Biodigester Component - ABC

    The African Biodigester Component (ABC) supports the growth and sustainability of the commercial biogas sector in Sub-Saharan Africa. The programme focuses on Burkina Faso, Kenya...

  2. Young Expert Programmes – Energy

    Are you active in the field of renewable energy? Would you like to recruit a young professional for a 1 or 2-year period? Young Expert Programmes – Energy (YEP Energy) provides...

  3. Podcast: Entrepreneurial Journeys

    How does entrepreneurship contribute to the most significant transitions of our time? Listen as we take you on a journey to find answers via the Podcast: Entrepreneurial Journeys...

  4. Intellectual property

    Patents and intellectual property ( Patents & other IP rights ), For whom Business owners (SMEs, startups), the services sector, scientists, teachers and students with...