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  1. About the Netherlands Patent Office

    The Netherlands Patent Office is a department of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, an agency of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. We implement national and...

  2. Patent information for patent professionals

    Are you a patent attorney, patent office employee, lawyer, judge or policymaker with an interest in intellectual property? Or do you deal with patent law in some other way? Find...

  3. Apply for WBSO

    Would you like to apply for WBSO? Prepare your application using the focus points below. Each application you submit automatically runs up to and including 31 December. In your...

  4. WBSO administration

    If you applied for the WBSO tax credit for research and development, you are required to keep an administration. A proper administration will provide simple and clear insights...

  5. WBSO tax credit benefit

    The WBSO is a tax credit for research and development. The tax credit benefit that the WBSO grants you depends on the legal form of your business.

  6. WBSO statement

    Have you applied for the WBSO and have you received an R...

  7. Seed Capital conditions

    A closed-end venture capital fund can use the Seed Capital scheme. The Seed Capital scheme is open to funds that invest in tech startups. Since 1 January 2010, the Seed Capital...