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  1. Horizon Europe research and innovation

    Is your company or knowledge institute involved in research, technological development or innovation? Does your company operate internationally? Then the European Horizon Europe...

  2. Research & Development

    Innovation can be of great value for the competitive position of your company. Research...

  3. Podcast: Entrepreneurial Journeys

    How does entrepreneurship contribute to the most significant transitions of our time? Listen as we take you on a journey to find answers via the Podcast: Entrepreneurial Journeys...

  4. CES - A global stage for tech startups

    CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) is an annual meeting place for more than 170,000 tech companies and investors from different countries. It is the world's biggest tech fair. As...

  5. Horizon Europe - Research Infrastructures (RI)

    Research Infrastructures (RIs) are facilities, resources and services the scientific community uses to carry out top-level research. RI facilities can be used beyond research. For...

  6. Horizon Europe - Cluster 1 Health

    The European Union's policies and programmes aim for a healthy population. A healthy population is vital to a stable, sustainable and inclusive society. But health care costs are...