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  1. Reasons to start in the Netherlands

    There are many reasons for starting your business in the Netherlands: strategic location; exceptional quality of life; competitive fiscal climate; multilingual workforce; Europe's...

  2. Coconut husk: from waste to compost

    The Van der Knaap Group produces potting soil and compost all over the world. In Mexico, the company uses coconut as a raw material for compost. The coconut husk is a waste...

  3. PSI: Financial and project administration

    After approval of a PSI proposal, the project partners start implementing the project. An administrative decision defines the results that have to be achieved by the project...

  4. Publications for Transition Facility

    Previous publications and notices about the programme Transition Facility (TF) can be downloaded here. Please note that you can no longer apply for this programme. For more...

  5. PSI Publications

    On this page you can find relevant publications and supporting documents for the PSI programme.