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  1. Develop2Build (D2B)

    Subsidies & Programmes

    Develop2Build (D2B) is a Government-to-Government programme. It offers governments in 37 developing countries and emerging markets direct assistance in setting up infrastructural...

  2. Innovation credit

    Subsidies & Programmes

    You have an innovative idea. You see opportunities for a new product in the market. You have the knowledge, vision and ambition, but you lack the financial clout. You are looking...

  3. Networks and partnerships

    Topics / International

    Do you wish to participate in a consortium of a public-private partnership? Or do you wish to export from a developing country to a European market? Netherlands Enterprise Agency...

  4. Subsidies and programmes

    Topics / International

    Through various programmes, you can obtain advice or financial support. Below, you will find an overview organised by theme.   Infrastructure On behalf of the Dutch Ministry of...

  5. DRIVE Country list

    Subsidies & Programmes / DRIVE

    Least developed countries (MOLs/LDCs, DAC List of ODA Recipients) and low income countries (LIC DAC List of ODA Recipients) Low-middle income countries (LMIC, OECD-DAC List of ODA...


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