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  1. Sustainable enterprise


    People. Planet. Profit. Netherlands Enterprise Agency supports Dutch and international entrepreneurs and researchers in developing sustainable projects related to energy and...

  2. National Inventory Entity

    Topics / Sustainability

    Under the UN Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Kyoto Protocol, Parties are required to report regularly on emissions of greenhouse gases and on steps they are taking...

  3. Sustainable biomass

    Topics / Sustainability

    The Netherlands Programme Sustainable Biomass (NPSB) by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency supported around 40 pioneering projects in biomass for several years. The general outlook...

  4. QA/QC

    Sustainability / National Inventory Entity

    The National System itself is a key tool in improving the quality and process management of the inventory process. To ensure high quality and continuous improvement, the annual...

  5. Full proposals FDW

    FDW (Sustainable Water Fund) / Apply

    On this page you can find the download package to apply for a Sustainable Water Fund (FDW) subsidy. You will also find useful tools to help draft your proposal. Before submitting...


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