Credit Guarantee for Agriculture - BL

Last checked on:
16 October 2022
Published on:
20 April 2020

Do you want to invest in your agricultural or horticultural company? Does your company generate turnover in the primary agricultural sector? Do you want to switch to organic farming? If this is the case, you can apply for a credit guarantee for agriculture (BL) from the bank. The government guarantees part of your funding.


  • Your farm is an agricultural or horticultural business.
  • Most of your farm's turnover comes from primary agriculture.
  • Your farm is located in the Netherlands. This is where most of the business activities take place.
  • Your business is financially sound.

For agricultural investments (BL Plus)

If you want to invest in a new concept, product or production process, you can apply for BL Plus. The investment for primary agricultural production must be:

  • An innovative or unique concept, product or production process in the Netherlands;
  • An improvement of sustainability, and
  • Separating you from others on the market.

BL and BL Plus

Credit Maximum amount Guarantee by the government Commission fee
BL 1.2 million euros 70% 3%
BL Plus 2.5 million euros 70% 3%

You may also want to check our general information on Agricultural enterprise.

For sustainable investments (BL Plus)

Greenhouse farmers and stockbreeders who want to invest in a sustainable and environmental-friendly way, can apply for BL-Plus credit. The conditions are as follows:

How to apply

You do not apply for BL yourself. You apply via one of the following banks or financiers. The government guarantees 70% of your credit.

For banks and financiers (BL)

Small to medium enterprises depend on financiers. The Dutch government wants to broaden the market for corporate finance. So, financiers can also use BL. You can apply via one of the participating banks.

How to become a BL financier

Non-banking financiers can apply for BL. The first step is to become a financier for BL. Complete the Dutch form:

Commissioned by:
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
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