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Published on:
5 March 2021
Last checked on:
24 October 2023

Is your company or knowledge institute involved in research, technological development or innovation? Does your company operate internationally? Then the European Horizon Europe programme may offer you support. Horizon Europe is the ninth framework programme from the European Commission for research and innovation. The programme will run until 2027.

The total budget is 95.5 billion euros. Horizon Europe aims to increase Europe's competitiveness by stimulating science and innovation. Also, it wants to challenge the business community and the academic world to find solutions for relevant social issues together.

For whom?

Participation in Horizon Europe is open to:

  • Organisations who are internationally active in research, technological development or innovation;
  • Individual researchers.

Funding opportunities are available for individual researchers and companies, and international companies made up of different organisations.


Horizon Europe has 3 pillars and 1 component to support activities that widen participation and strengthen the European Research Area (ERA).

Read more about the structure of Horizon Europe.


Missions make Horizon Europe unique. Missions are commitments to solve worldwide challenges such as:

  • fighting cancer;
  • adapting to climate change;
  • protecting our oceans;
  • living in greener cities; and
  • ensuring soil quality and food.

There are 5 mission areas. Each mission involves a number of actions, such as research projects, policy measures or even legislative initiatives. These missions achieve measurable goals that could not be achieved through individual actions.

The 5 mission areas and proposed missions

Mission Area Proposed mission
Adaptation to climate change including societal transformation A Climate Resilient Europe: Prepare Europe for climate disruptions and speed up
transformation into a climate-resilient Europe by 2030.
Cancer Conquering Cancer: Mission Possible
Healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters Mission Starfish 2030: Restore our Oceans and Waters
Climate-neutral and Smart Cities 100 Climate-Neutral Cities by 2030: by and for the citizens
Soil Health and Food Caring for Soil is Caring for Life

European Partnerships

European Partnerships unite the European Commission and private or public partners.
Through research and innovative initiatives, partnerships address some of Europe’s most pressing challenges. This makes them an important tool for Horizon Europe. They contribute to achieving the European Union’s political priorities.

Check out the European Partnerships website of the European Commission.

Stay informed

To stay informed about Horizon Europe developments and other European programmes, sign up via the interest form. We will inform you about news and updates, events, workshops, training courses and important changes within specific programmes.

Our advisors

For questions, please contact the IRIS team via e-mail:, or one of our advisors. Our advisors can inform you about the specifics of the Horizon Europe programme. They can advise you about:

  • the content of your project;
  • the feasibility of your project;
  • within which part of the Horizon Europe programme your project fits best; and
  • finding project partners.

Would you like to know more about the pillars and actions? Find out which advisor you can contact.

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