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Published on:
25 July 2022
Last checked on:
17 October 2023

Do you own or work for an innovative SME and do you have international ambitions? The Innowwide programme issues grants to explore whether international markets are ripe for your products, services and R&D.

Amount of subsidy and duration

Start date:
Tuesday, 25 July 2023
End date:
Tuesday, 17 October 2023
€ 60.000
Total budget:
€ 4,200,000

What is Innowwide?

With this programme, the European Commission (EC) aims to encourage innovative SMEs to internationalise their products and services. Innowwide funds market research and preparatory work for R&D projects in Africa, North and South America, Asia or Oceania. These projects must involve cooperation with local partners.

This programme runs from 2022-2027 and is expected to have annual calls.


The 2nd call is open from 25 July 2023 to 17 October 2023. Within this 2nd call, all themes are allowed. There is also no specific geographical focus.


An estimated € 24.000.000 will be granted over the total period from 2022-2027. This is equivalent to 400 projects.

For the 2nd call, € 4.200.000 is available to fund a total of 70 projects. The grant is a fixed amount of € 60.000 per project.


To be eligible for funding, your company and your project must meet the following conditions:

  • You own or work for an SME according to the definition of the EU. Not sure about this? Then please fulfill the SME self-assessment questionnaire.
  • You may submit 1 application per company.
  • Your maximum project duration is 6 months.
  • Your company is registered in 1 of the following countries or regions: an EU Member State, Iceland, Israel, Norway or Turkey.
  • Your project focuses on markets in 1 of the following continents: Africa, North America, South America, Asia or Oceania.
  • You implement the project together with a local partner.
  • Your project is for civil applications only.

Submitting your application

At this moment you can not submit an application. The deadline for the 2nd call was 17 October 2023, 14:00 CEST. 

The Innowwide programme is implemented by the Eureka Secretariat. This grant only has an international component. No national co-financing is issued.

You can find more information on the documents you need and how to apply on the Eureka Network website when a call has opened.

Progress and Completion

Your project may last up to 6 months. Upon completion, you will send a final report to the Eureka Secretariat in Brussels. You will soon find a format for the final report on this page.

Support by Team IRIS

International cooperation can be challenging. Team IRIS is happy to assist you. Do you have any questions regarding Innowwide or your project idea? Then please contact the advisors for this call via teamiris@rvo.nl.

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