Seed Business Angel Scheme

Last checked on:
16 June 2023
Published on:
26 April 2022

Want to finance a tech or creative startup with other investors? Then apply for a loan to set up a Seed Business Angel fund. You can receive up to EUR 1 million to invest in a portfolio of startups by your own fund plan.


Maximum van € 1 miljoen
Total budget:
€ 8,000,000

It is still difficult for startups to get financing in their early stages. The government aims to improve the financing of tech and creative startups in their early stages, with its Seed Business Angel scheme.This scheme allows business angels to provide start-ups with ‘smart money’. Business angels contribute their knowledge, network and experience. This approach increases the startups’ chances of success.

For investors

Want to join up with some other investors to support techno starters or creative startups? Then apply for an interest-free cash loan to set up a Seed Business Angel fund. The State can lend you up to EUR 1 million interest-free.

One condition is that you and your investment partners make at least the same amount available for investment. You must have an equal stake in the fund to ensure your independence when making investment decisions. With the total investment amount, you can then invest in a portfolio of startups, by a fund plan you have set up yourself.

For startups

Are you a startup entrepreneur who would like to get support? Read how startups can take advantage of a Seed Business Angel fund.


The budget for 2022 is EUR 8 million. The maximum loan is equal to the total private investment in the fund, up to EUR 1 million.


Business angels can qualify for this scheme if they invest in startups. Read the conditions for being considered for the Seed Business Angel scheme.


You can apply throughout the year. Want to know what you need for your application? Then take a look at the former Seed Business Angel fund application form (in Dutch) below. Please note that this form is for information only and you can no longer use it to submit an application.
With your grant application, you must enclose a written statement on the conduct of the Seed Business Angel fund. In it, you will state what measures you will take to prevent conflicts of interest from arising.

You can use our fund plan checklist (in Dutch) when preparing your application.

Applications are processed in order of receipt (on a first-come, first-served basis).

Commissioned by:
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
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