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Overview of Seed funds

Last checked on:
30 March 2023
Published on:
18 May 2016

The Seed Capital scheme offers a variety of funds, each with a separate investment strategy and focus, such as medical technology (health care), life sciences, sustainability, transport sector or IT.

An overview of seed funds, divided into inside and outside the investment period. Would you like more information about a specific fund? Please consult the overview of seed funds on our Dutch-language pages.

Inside the investment period

Funds which are still inside the investment period can enter new ventures.

  • 4impact Seed Fund
  • Antler Netherlands Seed Fund B.V.
  • Blue Sparrows Medtech Finance
  • Borski Fund Seed Capital
  • Brightlands Agrifood Fund
  • CapitalT Seed B.V.
  • Cottonwood Dutch Seed Fund
  • Curiosity Seed Fund
  • DeepTechXL Seed Fund B.V.
  • Disruptive Technology Ventures Seed Fund II B.V.
  • Dutch Security Tech Fund 4 C.V.
  • Early Stars Fund
  • EVCF II Growth Capital
  • FORWARD.one Seed II B.V.
  • Future Food Fund
  • Graduate Entrepreneur Deep Tech Seed Capital B.V.
  • Health Innovation Fund III
  • Healthy.Capital
  • Healthy.Capital II SEED BV
  • Holland Venture Technologie Fonds I
  • Holland Venture Zorg Innovaties II Coöperatief U.A.
  • ICF3 Technopartner B.V.
  • istart.nl Seed Fund BV
  • LUMO II Seed Capital B.V.
  • NextGen Ventures 2
  • Percival Participations III B.V.
  • Rockstart Energy Seed Fund I B.V.
  • Rubio Impact Ventures Fund II
  • Security of Things Fund
  • Shamrock Ventures
  • SHIFT Seed Fund
  • SHIFT Invest III
  • Tablomonto Seed Capital B.V.
  • VCC Deep Tech Seed Fund B.V.
  • VOC Capital Partners III

Outside the investment period

Funds which are no longer inside the investment period can only make follow-up investments in ventures they have already entered. It is no longer possible for these funds to enter new ventures. For information about a specific fund, please consult the overview of seed funds on our Dutch-language pages.

  • 5square Seed Fund I
  • 5square Tech Fund IV
  • Astor Participaties Technostarters
  • Aescap Venture I Seed
  • Aglaia Oncology Seed Fund
  • Biogeneration Ventures II
  • Biogeneration Ventures III
  • Brabant Life Sciences Seed Fonds
  • Business Angels Technostarters
  • Business Angels Technostarters II
  • Coöperatie Point-One Starter Fund U.A.
  • Disruptive Technology Ventures Seed Fund I B.V.
  • Dutch Technology Fund I
  • E2 Cleantech 1
  • Enabling Technology Fund
  • The Hatch Firm Innovation Fund
  • Health Innovation Fund I
  • Health Innovation Fund II
  • henQ III Seed Fund
  • HENQ Innovatie Fonds 1
  • HENQ Innovatie Fonds 2
  • Holland Venture Zorg Innovaties I
  • Icos Cleantech Early Stage Fund II
  • ICT Venture
  • JOA Ventures Seed Capital I
  • KIKK Capital
  • Mainport Innovation Fund
  • Mainport Innovation Fund II Seed Fund
  • Medsciences Seed Fund
  • Newion Investments Capital Early Stage
  • Newion Investments Capital Early-Stage Fund III
  • NextGen Ventures
  • OGC Dutch ICT Fund B.V.
  • Peak Capital II
  • Peak Capital III
  • Peak Capital IV Seed Fund B.V.
  • Percival Participations
  • Percival Participations II
  • Prime Technology Ventures II Technostarter
  • Seed Fund III
  • Slingshot Early Growth Fund
  • Solid Ventures
  • StartCapital Partners
  • Start Green Consumer Products Fund
  • Start Green Fund
  • Swanbridge Capital
  • Techfund
  • TechNano Fund
  • Technostartersfonds Zuid-Nederland
  • Thuja Capital Healthcare Seed Fund
  • Thuja Capital Healthcare Seed Fund II
  • TIIN Techfund 2
  • TIIN Techfund 3
  • VIP Fund
  • VOC Capital Partners
  • VOC Capital Partners II
  • Vortex High Growth Fund
  • Zeeuws Investeringsfonds
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