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Last checked on:
7 July 2020
Published on:
2 April 2020

Reimbursement for economic loss due to COVID-19 is now closed. You can no longer apply for reimbursement.

Is your company registered in the Netherlands? Does your company suffer from economic losses as a result of mandatory measures taken by the Dutch government? For example, the closing of your business, cancelled meetings or the negative travel advice? The Dutch government offers companies from specific sectors a one-time reimbursement of €4,000.

For whom?

  • For companies registered in the Commercial Register with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce before 15 March 2020.
  • For companies in specific categories with specific SBI codes.
  • The SBI code represents the main and secondary activity of your business.
  • You can find your SBI code on your registration documents from the Chamber of Commerce.
  • You need your company’s SBI code to apply for a reimbursement.

Reimbursement is available to companies in the following sectors

Category SBI code
Accommodation facilities 55,xxx 56,xxx
Advertising agency, industrial design, photography 73,xxx 74,xxx
Advice, consulting and corporate services 74,xxx
Art and culture 90,xxx
Cinemas 59,xxx
Clothing manufacturing 14,xxx 32,xxx
Communication, information 59,xxx
Conference and exhibition centres 82,xxx
Dance schools, art education centres, driving schools 85,xxx
Education 85,xxx
Food and beverage producing facilities 10,xxx 11,xxx
Healthcare, the care sector 86,xxx
Lottery and gambling facilities 92,xxx
Movable properties and corporate services 77,xxx 78,xxx 79,xxx 80,xxx 81,xxx 82,xxx
Museums, galleries, exhibitions 91,xxx
Retail 46,xxx 47,xxx
Sports, recreation 91,xxx 92,xxx 93,xxx
Transport and storage 49,xxx 50,xxx, 52,xxx
Travel agencies 79,xxx
Wellness and other service providers 95,xxx 96,xxx
Wholesale, market trade 46,xxx 47,xxx


Your company

  • was registered in the Commercial Register with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce before 15 March 2020;
  • has a physical location in the Netherlands, and this address is registered with the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce;
  • has an SBI code that falls into one of the categories mentioned in the table;
  • employs 250 persons or less, as described in Commercial Register;
  • is not bankrupt;
  • has not filed a request for suspension of payments with a court;
  • is not a governmental organisation.

Non-catering businesses

Declare to have at least:

  • one office with an address other than the owner’s address; or
  • one office with the same address but physically separate from your private residence with its own entrance.

Businesses with SBI codes 56.10.1, 56.10.2, and 56.30

  • declare to rent, lease or own at least one catering location;
  • the owner’s address can be the same as the company’s address.


  • you are expecting a loss of turnover of at least €4,000 between 16 March and 15 June 2020;
  • you are expecting fixed costs for the amount of at least €4,000 between 16 March and 15 June 2020, even after having received other means of financial support from the government;
  • in the last 2 fiscal years, you did not receive more than €200,000 in government support;
  • you cannot get reimbursement if you have already collected €200,000 in government support.

Healthcare enterprises

  • You are expecting a loss of turnover of 4,000 euros.
  • Your fixed costs are 4,000 euros after:
    • the deduction of the reimbursement from care buyers; and
    • the use of other governmental coronavirus support measures.


Your loss of turnover is a result of at least one of the following causes:

  • You generate at least 70% of your turnover from businesses that have been affected by government measures taken because of COVID-19. These businesses are registered in the SBI list.
  • You generate at least 70% of your turnover from activities that the government has prohibited or advised against because of COVID-19.


  • is a one-time amount of €4,000 per registered company, not per branch or office;
  • is to spend freely;
  • will be transferred to the bank account number of the company registered with the Commercial Register.

After your application

  • We aim to decide within 2 weeks. You will hear from us if we need more than 2 weeks to decide on your application.
  • Together with the Chamber of Commerce, we check whether your application fulfils the requirements.
  • We base our decision on the information from the Commercial Register as of 15 March 2020.
  • We also check any risk of insolvency.
  • If your application fulfils all requirements, we will pay the reimbursement within 2 to 3 working days.
  • We always check applications afterwards. Should you have received the reimbursement by mistake, we will review or reclaim the amount. This may take place until 5 years after payment of the reimbursement.

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