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Dutch Risk Reduction Team - DRR-Team


Dutch Risk Reduction Team (DRR-Team) prevents and reduces the impact of water disasters worldwide. Foreign governments can ask DRR-Team for help and advice through the Dutch embassy in their country. The government and organisations work together, offering the best expert help quickly. Would you like to contribute your knowledge to DRR-Team?

Water threats such as floods, pollution and droughts are a problem worldwide. Because of climate change and the fast-growing world population, these problems increase. More and more countries need expert advice and knowledge on water management quickly. DRR-Team experts help solve urgent water problems. They advise on preventing water issues and how to rebuild after water-related disasters.

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Expert pool

DRR-Team has a pool of experts from the Dutch water sector. These experts have different kinds of water knowledge. They can respond to mission requests. DRR-Team selects the most suitable team leader and several team members. The NWP database is closed; we are now using the new, in-house database.

Sign up as a DRR-Team expert

Are you an expert on water management, water safety or water supply? Would you like to help prevent or reduce the impact of water disasters worldwide? DRR-Team is always looking for experts, so sign up as an expert in our database.
If you register yourself in the pool of experts, the database will store your CV and contact details. You will receive information on our deployments and training courses.

Opportunities for the Dutch water sector

The government and the private sector work together. In this way, the right Dutch experts can get to the right place. The expert teams can start solving urgent water problems immediately. It also gives Dutch water companies a better chance of contracts for follow-up work.

Emergency aid

The government created the DRR-Team programme to supplement Dutch Surge Support (DSS water). DSS water organises emergency aid in case of water disasters.

See the list of DRR Team projects since 2015. You can filter the results by country, year and partner organisation.

Sustainable Development Goals

DRR-Team helps to achieve the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • SDG 6: Clean water and sanitation
  • SDG 11: Sustainable cities and communities
  • SDG 13: Climate action
  • SDG 17: Partnerships to achieve goals

Are you looking for water experts?

Are you looking for water experts in your country? Contact the Dutch embassy or consulate.

DRR-Team in practice

The Dutch Risk Reduction Team (DRR-Team) prevents and reduces the impact of water disasters worldwide. This animation explains how DRR-Teams works.

DRR Team in practice

  • Transcription

    The Dutch are well known for their expertise on water management.
    To advise on urgent water issues and their prevention anywhere in the world a Dutch Risk Reduction-Team can rapidly be deployed for a short-term mission.
    This team of experts advises governments in case of disasters like flooding... water pollution... or drought... as a result of, for example, climate change.
    Through the Dutch Embassy, a national government can request the assistance of DRR-Team.
    Next it will be assessed whether the water problem is urgent... and whether the country will be able to follow up on the team’s recommendations after the mission.
    The team consists of top experts from the Netherlands... who research the situation on the ground.
    They speak with local experts, stakeholders and authorities.
    They also assess the role of local private and public parties.
    After the short-term mission, they produce a report with recommendations and sustainable solutions.
    The Dutch Embassy supports DRR-Team during the entire process.
    This way Dutch Risk Reduction Team enables us to share Dutch knowledge and expertise, and work together all over the world on solving and preventing urgent water problems.

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