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Dutch Risk Reduction Team - DRR


In order to help prevent or alleviate water-related disasters, the Dutch government and the Dutch water sector initiated the Dutch Risk Reduction Team (DRR Team). Foreign governments can request the help of this team, which offers world-renowned water expertise.

DRR project teams can be deployed quickly after a natural disaster. They do not provide emergency aid, but offer knowledge and expertise in the field of water management, water safety and water supply. Their advice covers the entire disaster management cycle. This can help governments with reconstruction and disaster prevention.

Government and businesses tackling water issues together

DRR teams are a joint effort of both public and private parties. These include the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dutch ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Dutch water sector. They each play their part in meeting the demand for water expertise, which has increased due to a rise in water-related disasters.

The Dutch government receives and coordinates the requests for advice on water issues. Foreign governments can submit these requests through the local Dutch embassies. It is the Dutch water sector who develops a pool of experts, such as team leaders and technical experts. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency then puts together a DRR Team, in which it is aided by the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP).

Thanks to this unique collaboration between the Dutch government and water sector, Dutch experts can be on the scene swiftly. This way, urgent water issues are tackled quickly. Additionally, this provides the Dutch water sector with a better starting position in acquiring follow-up work.

An expert addition to Dutch Surge Support

The DRR team works in addition to the programme Dutch Surge Support (DSS water), which aims to provide efficient emergency aid during and after water-related disasters. DSS Water also helps with reconstruction projects.

DRR project overview

Read more about DRR Team projects (active on or started after January 2015) on the aiddata.rvo.nl portal. This portal shows an overview of all official development aid (ODA) projects and programmes executed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. You can search by country, sector and programme.

Want to learn more?

The DSS water/DRR Team website offers more information: