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Horizon Europe - Cluster 2 Culture, creativity and inclusive society


The Horizon Europe framework programme cluster 2 calls for multidisciplinary expertise of European social sciences and humanities. Projects that belong to this cluster will contribute to important social, political, economic and cultural concerns of European citizens.

Calls for proposals

The Cluster 2 programme 2021-2022 has several calls for proposals. The calls have at 3 goals (expected impacts):

  1. Innovative research on democracy and governance;
  2. Innovative research on the European cultural heritage and cultural and creative industries; and
  3. Innovative research on social and economic transformations.

The European Commission will publish the calls for proposals throughout the period of 2021 and 2022.

See the European Commission’s Funding and Tender opportunities portal for the calls.

Questions or advice?

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency hosts the National Contact Point (NCP) for Horizon Europe. Contact the Culture, creativity and inclusive society advisors for questions or advice on how to apply for funding and how to develop your project proposal.

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