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Incentive Scheme for eHealth at Home - SET


Do you have an organisation in the Netherlands that is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce? Are you a healthcare supporter or provider working with eHealth solutions? You may be eligible for support if you intend to work with a buyer on upscaling and securing your existing Ehealth solutions. Find out if you meet the conditions for the Incentive Scheme for eHealth at Home (SET).

SET aims to help the elderly and people at risk of a chronic disease or limitation. The goal is for them to live at home for longer. With eHealth, they can have a better quality of life.

Costs that qualify for a subsidy are:

  • staff costs;
  • administrative costs;
  • third party costs, and
  • investment costs for eHealth.

SET Budget

  • The subsidy is 50% of the qualifying project costs. Participants finance the other 50% of the costs.
  • The minimum amount for a joint subsidy request is €50,000. The maximum amount is €750,000.
  • For 2022, a total subsidy amount of € 12.5 million is available.

SET Conditions

The SET subsidy is for eHealth that:

  • improves the quality of life of people at risk of a chronic disease or elderly with a need for help, care or assistance;
  • allows caretakers to give a higher-quality service and reduces their work pressure;
  • allows councils and health insurers to help more people with a need for healthcare at the same costs.

Further conditions are:

  • a team of at least 1 healthcare provider and 1 buyer can apply for SET;
  • the healthcare provider and the buyer have a cooperation agreement;
  • the maximum duration of the project is 3 years;
  • the buyer is involved during the entire subsidy period;
  • the healthcare provider and buyer will finance their share of the project costs;
  • all parties involved in the project take part in sharing knowledge;
  • the project has not received a subsidy from another programme;
  • you cannot use SET for the relocation of hospital care to homes or the exchange of data.

The activity plan focusses on:

  • applying eHealth on a large scale, given in numbers of clients;
  • structurally embedding the use of eHealth work processes, and
  • organising funding for buying agreements and contract agreements in a sustainable way.

SET is for digital eHealth applications that:

  • improve the clients' quality of life or simplify informal care;
  • are being used by at least 100 clients or caregivers in the Netherlands. At least 10 of these people use the buyers' facilities.

Examples of approved eHealth applications are:

  • personal alarm systems;
  • lifestyle tracking;
  • monitoring from a distance;
  • wound care apps;
  • medicine dispensers;
  • electronic administration of medicine use (eTDR);
  • smart locks, and
  • social robotics.

Who can apply for SET?

Companies, organisations, institutions and agencies registered in the Netherlands that are involved in:

  • project management, such as coordination, management and control, monitoring and evaluation, communication, knowledge sharing, project administration, and so on;
  • the realisation of work processes, ICT system adjustments, helpdesk, and so on;
  • eHealth care application training for professionals, clients and caretakers.

How to apply for SET

Before you apply, use the Quickscan. The Quickscan shows our advisors whether your plans meet the conditions for the SET subsidy.
Please, be aware that the Quickscan is available in Dutch only. We trust your Dutch colleague to help you to complete the digital form.

To apply for SET, use the online portal eLoket. eLoket is used for subsidy applications or to register data. In eLoket, you can see your correspondence with us on your programmes. If you want to arrange anything via eLoket, you will first need to log in. You need the digital verification eHerkenning for this.

You will find the application form on The form is available in Dutch only.

Good to know

  • We handle requests for subsidies on 'first come, first served' basis.
  • We can only check complete applications. A complete application has the following annexes:
    • an activity plan;
    • a budget plan;
    • a financial guarantee, and
    • a cooperation agreement.
  • You can apply for SET up until and including 31 December 2022.

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