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Innowwide challenges you to spread your R&D across the world. As an innovative SME, you can apply for this subsidy to investigate whether international markets are ready for your R&D products or services. You get 6 months to conduct market viability studies with local experts and partners.

This subsidy is temporarily closed. You cannot apply now.


With this call we stimulate innovative Dutch entrepreneurs to internationalise their R&D projects. All technological themes are allowed, your project however, must have civilian applications.

The funding is aimed at SMEs in European Union Member States or Horizon Europe Associated Countries collaborating with a partner in Africa, the Americas, the Middle East or Asia-Pacific. A partner from the target country must also be affiliated. Although only SMEs in the Member States of the European Union or the countries associated with Horizon Europe will benefit from funding, you may outsource to your partner in your selected country. Subcontractors sign a commitment before submitting your project application.

In addition, there is a special focus on African projects. Out of a maximum of 50 projects, a total of 25 projects may have African partners. The subsidy also applies to African projects that focus on market explorations in the Netherlands. This bilateral option is not possible outside of Africa.


A total budget of € 3 million is available. The maximum subsidy amount per project is € 60,000.

A total of 50 projects will be financed from the available budget. This limit applies to all countries together that are eligible.


The subsidy rate is up to 70% of the minimum eligible costs (personnel, subcontracting, purchases, travel and living expenses, depreciation of equipment, other goods, work and services) of € 86,000. Each successful market feasibility project receives a fixed subsidy of € 60,000. Up to 70% of the grant (€ 42,000) is paid at the start of the project implementation. The remaining 30% (€ 18,000) will be transferred upon delivery and approval of the final report, after completion of the market feasibility project. There is no specific limit to the subcontracting budget.


You can submit your proposal on the SmartSimple platform of the Eureka website.

Support by Team IRIS

International cooperation can be difficult. Team IRIS would like to help you on your way. Do you have any questions about Innowwide or your project idea? Then contact the advisor for this call via Team IRIS:

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Read more about Innowwide on the website of Eureka.

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