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International Clean Energy Partnership - ICEP

The International Clean Energy Partnership (ICEP) focuses on promoting trade. It helps Dutch businesses that offer renewable energy products and services abroad. The programme organises trade missions and events to boost the Netherlands' position in the renewable energy sector.

The Netherlands has a good reputation in the international clean energy sector. Many companies are active in that sector. This includes major market players, many SMEs and start-ups. ICEP focuses on smaller businesses that are looking for:

  • Public-private partnerships;
  • Flexible, demand-oriented support;
  • Networking activities.

Renewable energy trade promotion activities

To promote trade, ICEP organises a range of activities, open to entrepreneurs in the renewable energy sector. Examples include:

  • Trade missions;
  • Joint participation in trade fairs;
  • Matchmaking events; and
  • Government-to-government events.

Communication support

ICEP also develops standard communication tools for each sector. This helps Dutch companies get international recognition as the right partners in the field of sustainable energy. An example of this is Wind & Water Works, an interactive knowledge platform that promotes the market position of the Dutch offshore wind energy sector.

Interested in renewable energy activities?

If you are a Dutch business owner in the renewable energy sector and you would like to get involved in 1 or more ICEP activities, send us an email.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency runs ICEP on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ICEP is not a grant programme.

ICEP themes

ICEP supports the Dutch offshore wind energy sector in many ways. For example, via diplomatic ties and strategic market research. Also by participating in trade missions, international conferences and trade fairs.

ICEP works with the Formula E Team and the Steering Committee on the Internationalisation of Dutch e-mobility. Together, they determine the ICEP activities that will stimulate export.
ICEP works on E-mobility and Hydrogen in transport.

ICEP focuses on setting up public-private partnerships to raise the Dutch solar enery sector's profile. ICEP also focuses on improving acces to knowledge institutes, companies and governmental organisations in target countries.

Through ICEP, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency aims to strengthen cooperation in the bio-energy sector. ICEP also promotes Dutch activity in international markets. A taskforce will aim at promoting exports.

ICEP is looking at the need for proactive public-sector support for the internationalisation of hydrogen. Some Dutch companies have over 15 years of experience in the hydrogen sector.

The Energy Executives Training programme (EET) is mainly aimed at foreign executives and managers with an interest in the Netherlands and is a learning & networking programme.

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