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LAND-at-scale contributes to improving land governance and can be beneficial to economic development, peace and stability in developing countries. The programme supports actions and interventions that contribute to sustainable livelihoods, better food and nutrition security and social justice.

Many initiatives supported by the Dutch government and others have already contributed to improved land governance for people in developing countries. Nevertheless, much remains to be done, not only by increasing the scale but also with regard to strengthening gender aspects, documenting legitimate land and land use rights and charting the developmental impact of land-based investments on local communities and vulnerable people.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency will act as programme manager. LAND-at-scale is open to all countries in the OECD DAC list of ODA recipients (pdf). Dutch Embassies and agricultural counsellors can submit ideas.


LAND-at-scale strives to contribute towards more equal access to land and natural resources, reduced conflicts and competing claims over land and natural resources and more sustainable and efficient use of land and natural resources for food, housing and production. As a result, LAND-at-scale will contribute directly to SDGs: 1, 2, 5, 11, 15 and 17 and may contribute indirectly to SDG 8, 9, 10, 13 and 16.


In order to achieve its objectives, LAND-at-scale will focus on the following outcomes:
  • Improved land use management planning that incorporates fair land consolidation, sound natural resources management and social integration;
  • Improved access to justice for land related conflicts and conflict resolution, fewer cases of land conflicts and appropriate compensation in case of expropriation;
  • Increased inclusiveness in access to land and land use documentation and land rental and land markets with special focus on women, youth and vulnerable people;
  • Increased knowledge and learning on the effects of innovative approaches and/or scaling successful land governance methods which enhance structural change;
  • New and improved action-oriented multi-stakeholder networks, enhancing just, inclusive and sustainable land governance.
  • Improved, fit-for-purpose land administration, land rental and land markets;

Activities and indicators

Activities supported by LAND-at-scale should contribute to the indicators that are part of the standard results frameworks for the Netherland’s priority themes like food & nutrition security, access to justice, gender equality and private sector development. Land governance activities that can be supported include:
  • Lobby and advocacy;
  • Capacity development of a wide range of governmental and non-governmental stakeholders;
  • Making existing and new land-based investments inclusive and sustainable;
  • Enhancing knowledge and awareness on the position of women, youth and vulnerable people;
  • Scaling and/or innovative interventions that enhance (potential) for structural change;
  • Joint learning, knowledge exchange and multi-stakeholder action.

Ideas for interventions

LAND-at-scale seeks ideas for interventions which encompass the upscaling of successful pilots, the initiation of promising innovative ideas, and the improvement of knowledge development related to fair, inclusive and sustainable land governance at country/regional/landscape level. Ideas can encompass a single intervention or a series of interrelated interventions required to achieve the desired change. Dutch Embassies must share ideas for LAND-at-scale with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. We will further develop the ideas with stakeholders during assignments and will manage the implementation as programme manager.

Criteria for support

To qualify for support, ideas must have local support, contribute to the LAND-at-scale objectives and be in line with the annual strategic plan of LAND-at-scale and the strategic plans of the relevant Dutch Embassy. Furthermore, the interventions must be additional to the market and should not be eligible for other programmes of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Moreover, it is expected that over time, interrelated interventions will be focused on a limited number of countries with the best chances of achieving added value through the envisaged structural change.
Supported interventions will be executed in line with the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests (VGGT) promote gender equality and women’s empowerment. When applicable the interventions will consider the effects of climate change. Support can be provided in various forms, including knowledge exchange, contracts and tailor-made grants. Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), civil-society organisations (CSOs), producer organisations, knowledge institutes, governments and companies or consortia may be eligible for implementation.

Geographic focus

LAND-at-scale is open to all countries in the OECD DAC list of ODA recipients. Preference, however, will be given to ideas from countries within the focus regions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to countries where Dutch supported interventions can explicitly be sustained.

More information

LAND-at-scale has an initial implementation budget of € 32 million and will be open until 2024. In this 6-year period, LAND-at-scale will welcome further co-financing and cooperation with other demand-driven and programmatic initiatives that aim for improving just, inclusive and sustainable governance.