Seed capital

Using the Seed capital scheme, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy aims to support technical and creative start-ups. The ministry grants capital to investment funds that invest risk capital in innovative entrepreneurs in the technological and creative sector through this scheme. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency is responsible for its implementation.

Tender Smart en Sustainable Mobility

The Netherlands is a major player in the field of smart and sustainable mobility. To retain its leading position in this ecosystem, it is important for the Netherlands to support and accelerate the developments in this field through venture capital.

This autumn, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate is granting € 10 million for a Smart & Sustainable Mobility tender. The tender will focus on investors investing in startups developing a new technical invention or a new application of existing technology in the market segment of smart and sustainable mobility.

Investments in smart and sustainable mobility are capital intensive. The maximum subsidy payment for this tender is therefore € 10 million per beneficiary instead of the usual € 6 million. The average investment per portfolio company is also higher: € 2 million instead of € 1.2 million.

For more information see the amendment in the Staatscourant (in Dutch).

Setting up an investment fund

The autumn tender 2018 is open from November 1 to November 14, 2018. (Emerging) entrepreneurs can contact the participating investment funds directly.

Foreign investors

The admission scheme for foreign investors in the Netherlands has been simplified.

Get inspired

This showcase features the story of an investor who put Seed capital to good use for his starting business.

More information

For more information, please go to Seed capital (in Dutch).

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