Overview SEED funds

Lists of funds

Inside the investment period

Funds which are still inside the investment period can enter new ventures.

•    5square Tech Fund IV B.V.
•    Astor Participaties Technostarter
•    Axivate Capital
•    BioGeneration Ventures II
•    Enabling Technology Fund
•    The Hatch Firm Innovation Fund
•    Health Innovation Fund II
•    HENQ III Seed Fund
•    Holland Venture Technologie Fonds I B.V.
•    Holland Venture Zorg Innovaties
•    Icos Cleantech Early Stage Fund II BV
•    Newion Investments Capital Early Stage
•    NextGen Ventures
•    OGC Dutch ICT Fund B.V.
•    Peak Capital III
•    Percival II
•    TechNano Fund B.V.
•    Thuja Capital Healthcare Seed Fund II
•    TIIN Techfund 3 B.V.
•    Vortex Capital Partners (Venture)
•    VOC Capital Partners II
•    Zeeuws Investeringsfonds B.V.

Outside the investment period

Funds which are no longer inside the investment period can only make follow-up investments in ventures they have already entered. It is no longer possible for these funds to enter new ventures.

•    5square Seed Fund I B.V.
•    Aescap
•    Aglaia Oncology Seed Fund B.V.
•    Brabant Life Sciences Seed Fonds
•    Business Angels Technostarters B.V.
•    Business Angels Technostarters B.V. II
•    Dutch Technology Fund
•    E2 Cleantech
•    Fund for Energy, Innovation, Sustainability and Technology N.V. (FEIST NV)
•    Health Innovation Fund I B.V.
•    HENQ 1
•    HENQ 2
•    ICT Venture
•    Mainport Innovation Fund B.V.
•    Medsciences Seed Fund B.V.
•    Peak Capital II
•    Percival Participations
•    Point One
•    Prime Technology Ventures Technostarter v.o.f.
•    Seed Fund III C.V.
•    Solid Ventures B.V.
•    Start Green Consumer Products Fund
•    Start Green Fund
•    Support Seed Fund BV
•    Techfund B.V.
•    Techfund 2 B.V.
•    Technostartersfonds Zuid-Nederland
•    Thuja Capital Healthcare Seed Fund B.V.
•    Vip Fund B.V.
•    VOC Capital Partners B.V.

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