Patent Filing Possibilities

Published on:
26 March 2021
Last checked on:
29 March 2024

Patent applications can be filed in various ways. On paper: this can be sent by post or handed in to our office during opening hours. And electronically (online filing).

Filing an application on paper

If an application is filed on paper, the date of application is the day on which you hand it in to us. If you choose to send your application by post, the date of receipt of your application shall apply.

Filing an application electronically

There are a number of advantages to filing electronically instead of using other forms of filing. This method is therefore becoming increasingly popular. For example, you receive a confirmation of receipt immediately, which also applies as the date of application.

Technical malfunction

If you file your application electronically, system failures could result in a delay in your application being received and registered. In such cases, and certainly outside of office hours, the date of filing cannot be guaranteed. If you encounter a failure, please contact our public information office during office hours.

Questions about patents?

If you need more information on how to apply for a patent in the Netherlands, please contact the public information office.

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