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Last checked on:
16 February 2023
Published on:
22 March 2021

Do you have a great, innovative idea that you want to protect from competitors? Our patent advisors are happy to help you innovate with tailor-made support: independent, free and confidential. Find out how to get a patent or other intellectual property rights for your idea or product on the following pages.

You have a great idea

When you have a great and innovative idea or product, it might be wise to protect it with a patent or other intellectual property right. Find out how to finance and protect your idea. Also, find out how to search and apply for a patent.

Which intellectual property right should you get

Search in patent registers and databases

Make sure you know that you are not inventing something that already exists. Patent registers and databases document most of the global technical innovative developments. Search in patent registers and databases to see if your idea is new or has been invented before. We can also help you search.

You have a patent

To maintain your patent, you have to pay an annual fee. Also make sure you document all the details correctly in the register or database. There are a few ways to make money with your patent. If someone infringes your patent, you can take action.

Consulation with a patent advisor

The patent advisors of the Netherlands Patent Office work from various locations throughout the Netherlands. A consultation with a patent advisor takes place either at our office in The Hague, at your company or regionally in the Netherlands.

Make an appointment for a free consultation

You can request a free consultation with a patent advisor using the 'registration form consultation with a patent advisor'. Consultations in the Netherlands within your own region are also possible. Please indicate the subject of the conversation (without sharing any confidential information in the webform) and the date on which you are available. Our patent advisor will contact you within a few working days to make an appointment.

Register for a free consultation (in Dutch)

If you need more information on how to apply for a patent in the Netherlands, please contact the public information office. We answer your questions about patents and other ways of protecting intellectual property for free.

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