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Support for entrepreneurs to compensate for higher energy costs


The Government of the Netherlands is taking different measures to help compensate for the sharp increase of companies' energy bills. On this page, you will find new and existing programmes and subsidies, carried out by us on behalf of various ministries. There is still lot in preparation. We will keep you updated via this page.  

Support with energy price increases

The Government is working on new regulation: the Energy cost relief for energy-intensive SMEs (TEK). Click on the link below to find information about the current status of the regulation.

Would you like to stay informed about TEK?

As soon as we know more about the new Energy Cost Allowance Scheme (TEK) we will update you here. Please check this page regularly. Another way to stay informed is by reading the official statements. For example the letter to Parliament of 4 October 2022 and the press release on (information in Dutch).
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Support with tax regulations

Current tax measures will remain relevant. They offer you tax benefits when investing in sustainable business assets.
•    Energy Investment Allowance - EIA
•    MIA and Vamil

Support with Financing

Do you need credit? Do you find it challenging to get a loan or guarantee from a bank? View the arrangements below. There is also a new scheme in preparation: the SME Green Guarantee. We will inform you about this as soon as we know more about this scheme.
•    Corporate Financing Guarantee - GO
•    Credit guarantee for SMEs - BMKB

Support with saving energy

Do you want to save energy? Or do you contemplate generating clean energy? Read about the options available to you and the financial compensation we offer.

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