Renewable Energy and Climate Change

Working together for a sustainable Netherlands with a carbon-neutral and circular economy by 2050. This means preventing harmful greenhouse gas emissions and maximising using and re-using (raw) materials. We help you with advice, networks, knowledge, subsidies and financing so you can plan, invest and innovate to make your business more sustainable.

Working towards

Sustainable or Renewable Energy

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Sustainable or renewable energy is energy from natural sources such as biomass, sun, wind, soil and water. These sources supply electricity, (bio) gas, heat, or a combination of these. By using sustainable energy, we will use less fossil fuels.

Sustainability in the Netherlands

Foto van een fabriek voor staalrecycling, de Purified Metal Company in Farmsum

Fossil fuels, especially natural gas, are becoming less available in the Netherlands. The Dutch government stimulates switching to sustainable energy step by step. By 2030, we aim to generate 70% of all electricity sustainably. In 2050, almost all the energy supplies must be sustainable and CO2 neutral. We support this transition.

Generating Sustainable Energy

How do you arrange permits and financing? How do you set up a bio-energy installation? Are you interested in a wind turbine, or would you prefer to buy or lease land for wind turbines? We offer practical, sustainable energy solutions.

Dutch knowledge and experience are important tools for actions needed for climate change in developing countries.

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