International Development Cooperation

Is your organisation a company, NGO, knowledge institute or government? Do you want your activities to stimulate sustainable growth in developing countries or emerging markets? We support your ambitions with advice, financing and our network.

Subsidies and programmes

Accelerating Resilient Food Systems in Africa - ARFSA

Do you want to contribute to resilient food systems in developing countries? If so, you can apply for a subsidy.

Impact Clusters - IC

This subsidy is for companies looking to make long-term investments in the private sectors of developing countries.

Sectoral Partnerships - Pillar 1

Do you want to make your value chain more sustainable? By partnering with other organisations, you address risks together.

Netherlands-MENA Partnership - Shiraka

Shiraka supports sustainable democratic development in the Middle East and North Africa.

SEE Clean-Cooking (SEE-CC)

SEE-CC promotes supply and demand in the market for clean and affordable cooking solutions.

Partners for Water - PVW-IVWW

Want to help solve international water problems? Explore whether your idea is feasible.

Climate and Energy Response Facility - CERF

CERF supports foreign governments in climate transitions.

Subsidy guide

See our subsidy guide for more options.

User stories

"Together with schools and local governments, we are setting up a system that tracks whether children are attending school. We are also working on poverty alleviation. In this way, we want to leave behind a local system that works."

"With our clean cookstove business model, we support local entrepreneurs and their customers on their way to a greener future. This model of local entrepreneurs works."

"With our solar-powered lamp system, our customers incur less cost per day than they currently spend on candles or charging their phones."

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