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Cybersecurity Innovation Fund - CIF-NL

Published on:
4 September 2023
Last checked on:
2 November 2023

The Netherlands is rapidly digitising. This means that cybersecurity is of great importance. The Cybersecurity Innovation Fund (CIF-NL) aims to boost cybersecurity innovation. You can apply for a subsidy from this fund to support the development of cybersecurity solutions.

Budget and duration

Start date:
Monday, 2 October 2023
07:00 (CEST)
End date:
Thursday, 2 November 2023
16:00 (CET)
Minimum of € 25,000 and maximum of € 75,000
Total budget:
€ 930,000

Target audience

CIF-NL is intended for various organisations based in the Netherlands, including

  • SMEs;
  • large enterprises; and
  • research organisations.

Through their cybersecurity innovation projects, all these organisations contribute to one or more of the following subareas:

4 Subareas

These subareas are key when assessing your application. It is important to make a strong case for how your cybersecurity innovation project connects to one or more of these four subareas. Your project must also have a central focus that connects primarily to one of these subareas. It is preferable if you apply for CIF-NL as part of a partnership, but this is not compulsory.


Read the conditions for CIF-NL and find out if you innovation project is eligible.

Following your application

You will receive the outcome of the assessment no later than 8 weeks after submission of your application. If your application is successful, you will receive a notice of award letter stating the exact amount of the subsidy awarded to you. If you wish, you can object to the outcome of the assessment procedure. You can read more on how to do this in the notice of award letter. 

If you are granted a subsidy, your project will start as soon as possible after the grant decision and no later than 1 February 2024. You have to complete your project within 6 months, but no later than 1 August 2024. On completion of the cybersecurity innovation project, and as part of the subsidy granting procedure, you will submit a report describing the results of the project and how your project has contributed to the goals and themes.

Laws and regulations

Read the full text about the scheme in the Government Gazette (in Dutch).


CIF-NL is coordinated by NEXIS (the Dutch hub for cybersecurity innovation) and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. If you have any questions about the subsidy programme, please contact us by sending an e-mail to: info@ncc-nexis.nl

Commissioned by:
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
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