Horizon Europe - Research Infrastructures (RI)

Last checked on:
15 March 2021
Published on:
10 March 2021

Research Infrastructures (RIs) are facilities, resources and services the scientific community uses to carry out top-level research. RI facilities can be used beyond research. For example, for education purposes or public services. They may be single-sited, distributed or virtual.

RI facilities include:

  • major scientific equipment or sets of instruments;
  • knowledge-based resources such as collections and archives;
  • computing systems and communication networks; or
  • any other unique research or innovation infrastructure open to external users.

Research Infrastructures can improve society’s long-term problem-solving capacity.
To ensure customised, impact-oriented research infrastructures and resources, we need new efforts. We need to speed up the transition towards an inclusive sustainable and digital future. The need for an effective and responsive health system as well as evidence-based policy-making is high. Research infrastructures contribute to the goals of the Horizon Europe clusters, missions and partnerships in Pillar II. Research Infrastructures will be connected to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Researchers will have access to high-performance computing and data from research infrastructures.

The Research Infrastructure programme has 5 goals:

  1. To develop, merge and optimise European Research Infrastructures landscape, maintaining global leadership;
  2. To enable an operational, open and FAIR EOSC ecosystem;
  3. To support health research, speed up the sustainable and digital transformation, and advance frontier knowledge;
  4. To stimulate the next generation of scientific instrumentation, tools, methods and advanced digital solutions; and
  5. To provide network connectivity in Research and Education, enabling collaboration without boundaries.

Calls for proposals

The European Commission will publish the calls for proposals. See the European Commission’s Funding and Tender opportunities portal for information on the calls.

More information

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency hosts the National Contact Point (NCP) for Horizon Europe. Contact the RI advisors for questions and advice on how to apply for funding and how to develop your project proposal.

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