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Last checked on:
10 January 2024
Published on:
26 September 2023

Do you want to launch an innovative or eco-friendly product? Or do you want to broaden your market? Then have your product added to the Environmental List for MIA and VAMIL. Then your buyers can get tax benefits.

The tax advantage lowers your buyers' financial threshold for investment. Moreover, products on the Environment list have a demonstrably green image.

Annual adjustment

We adjust the Environment list every year. Investments that no longer meet the MIA and Vamil requirements as a result of technological advances, will be removed from the list or adapted, and new innovative investments will be added. Your product may be one of the newcomers.

The descriptions on this list are designed to cover various techniques with similar environmental performances. Does your environmentally-friendly and innovative product not yet fit one of the descriptions? Then submit a proposal to adjust or add a new description. Your product must meet a number of criteria.

You can submit a proposal for the Environment list 2025 until 15 August 2024.


Submit your product

Have you developed an innovative, environmentally-friendly product or company resource that you want to put on the market? Submit your product to the Environment list. If your product is on the Environment List, your customers in the Netherlands can get a tax benefit. This lowers the financial threshold for the investment.

Companies can make proposals to include a product or business asset on the next Environment list. To be considered for the list, the environmental investment has to:

  • have a clear yield for the environment;
  • be innovative or still have a smaller market share than the conventional product; and
  • be more expensive than the environmentally friendly alternative.

Make your proposal

Follow the 6 steps on how to submit a proposal and what happens to your proposal.


Positive lists

You can also apply for inclusion of your type of asset on a so-called 'positive list'. These are lists containing brands and types of assets. We know that these brands and types meet or may meet the requirements of a code description on the Environmental List. We determine this on the basis of technical specifications received from the suppliers.

There are a limited number of positive lists belonging to the Environmental List. Read more about inclusion on positive lists (in Dutch).

Suggestions, ideas and comments

We would love to hear all your suggestions, ideas and comments. For example:

  • if the solution to an environmental problem specific to your industry is underexposed on the Environmental List;
  • If you encounter problems in obtaining the necessary quality marks for MIA or Vamil;
  • if, in your opinion, the procedure for inclusion in the Environmental List is not clearly described in the brochure or on the website;
  • if you think the descriptions on the Environmental List are not clear.

Please send your suggestions, ideas and comments to

Commissioned by:
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
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