WBSO Tax Credit Benefit

Published on:
10 February 2020
Last checked on:
23 February 2024

The WBSO is a tax credit for research and development. The tax credit benefit that the WBSO grants you depends on the legal form of your business.

Entrepreneur without employees

Businesses that are liable for income tax qualify for a fixed deduction if they spend at least 500 hours per calendar year on R&D. Moreover, newly self-employed persons without employees qualify for an additional deduction.

In 2024, the R&D tax credit for self-employed persons is €15,551 and the supplementary R&D tax credit for starters is €7,781. 

Company with employees

The benefit calculation for businesses that are liable for Corporation tax is based on:

  • the hours spent on R&D, to be reported in the application;
  • the R&D hourly wage, calculated on the basis of the citizen service numbers of R&D employees from 2 years ago or a fixed hourly wage of €29;
  • costs and expenditures associated with the R&D project. Each calendar year, you choose between a fixed amount or on the basis of the actual costs and expenditures. The fixed amount for costs and expenditures is:
  • €10 per hour spent on R&D for the first 1,800 hours;
  • €4 per hour spent on R&D for all R&D hours exceeding 1,800.

Benefit percentages and amounts

The amount of wage tax and national insurance contributions you have to pay will be lower (R&D tax rebate). You calculate the amount as follows: ((R&D hours x R&D hourly wage) + (fixed amount or estimated costs and expenditures)) x first or second tax bracket percentage.

The benefit percentages and amounts indicated below apply to WBSO applications for the year 2024. The WBSO-conditions and WBSO-parameters are the same as in 2023.

Rate per bracket Percentage
First bracket rate 32%
First bracket rate for newly self-employed persons* 40%
First bracket limit € 350,000 R&D (wage) costs
Second bracket rate 16%
Self-employed deduction (>500 R&D hours) Amount
Fixed deduction €15,551
Additional deduction for newly self-employed persons €7,781 *

* You cannot be regarded as a newly self-employed person for more than 3 years in the first 5 years in which you are an entrepreneur for income tax purposes.

The innovation box

If you generate a profit from innovation activities, you can use of the innovation box. With the innovation box, you can reduce your liability in respect of corporation tax on profits from innovation activities. In that case, an effective tax rate of 9% rather than the maximum rate of 25% applies. The innovation box is implemented by the Tax and Customs Administration.

Read more about the innovation box (in Dutch).

Offsetting your financial benefit

After you have received your R&D declaration, you will be able to offset your financial benefit.
There are two possibilities:

  • You are an R&D withholding agent and receive an R&D tax rebate;
  • You are an R&D tax subject and receive an R&D deduction.

Chapter 10 of the Manual WBSO 2024 explains how you can offset your R&D tax rebate or R&D deduction. 

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