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How to apply for EIA


You have made an investment that ensures energy savings or you’re planning to do so. The investment is eligible for financial deduction through the EIA. What now?

Submit the application in time

You can report purchase costs and production costs. There are different terms for these.

Purchase costs

Netherlands Enterprise Agency has to receive your application within three months after you have made an order or commissioned work. That’s the moment when you can judge what you have bought for which price. In general, this is within three months after reaching a purchase agreement  (in writing or verbally).

Production costs

You can state production costs when you have given a commission, used material from your own store or made salary costs for your own staff. The Agency has to receive your report:

  • within three months after the end of the calendar quarter within which the production costs were made or
  • within three months after completion (if you made the production costs in the same calendar quarter as you used the company resources).

Avoid a common error

Report your investment within three months after completing the sales agreement and not within three months after the offer, invoice or payment date. You may then miss out on the fiscal advantages of the EIA.

Apply for eHerkenning (eRecognition) in time

You can only submit your applications digitally via eLoket. You need the digital verification eHerkenning for this. For an EIA application, an e-Herkenning at security level 2+ or higher is required. When applying as intermediary on behalf of a third party, please use your own eHerkenning login details. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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