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Are you an SME-entrepreneur with international partners and are you working in the high-tech R&D business? When your R&D results in marketable products, processes or services with partners from at least 2 Eurostar member states you can apply for a Eurostars subsidy.

For a short introduction, please watch a video about the Eureka-network.

How to apply

The Eurostars-2 Programme ends in 2020 and discussions about a new programme are ongoing. In order to keep supporting the R&D performing SMEs of Eureka countries, the EC and the Eureka network are working on an additional Eurostras-2 call. Should it be finally approved, the call will have an opening date in December 2020 and a final submission deadline on 4 February 2021.

If you want to be kept informed about this and the developments concering the new Eurostars-3 programme, please register to a mailinglist. The information will also be published on this site. 

Webinar in Dutch 10 December

In case that the additional call is approved before 9 December, Netherlands Enterprise Agency will organize a webinar on Eurostars on 10 December. The webinar will be in Dutch but the slides of the presentation will be in English. Read more information (in Dutch) or register.

More information

Email Team IRIS (International Research and Innovation Cooperation) your questions concerning Eurostars.