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Innovation Credit


You have an innovative idea and you see opportunities for a new product in the market. You have the knowledge, the vision and the ambition, but you lack the financial weight. Promising projects with high risks that banks and other investors will not invest in. That is when the Netherlands Enterprise Agency can help you. We can supply you with a direct loan that enables you to finance part of the project costs: Innovation Credit.

All companies, whether start-ups or well-known companies, can apply for the Innovation Credit. Innovation Credit will help companies become more innovative and help the Dutch economy become more sustainable. 


The total 2022 budget is €60 million: €40 million for technical development projects and €20 million for clinical development projects. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency has a first come first serve policy concerning (complete) applications.

The maximum credit per company depends on the size of the company. For clinical development projects, there is a maximum of € 5 million and for technical projects, it is € 10 million.


When you apply for the Innovation Credit Scheme, you need to meet several conditions. We advise you to first complete the quick scan before you apply.

Quick Scan

Do you want to check if your plan is eligible for a subsidy? Complete the Quick scan first. We aim to contact you within 2 working days.


When your quick scan gets a positive response, you can start the application for the Innovation Credit Scheme. For now this is only possible in Dutch on


Contact us for more information on the Innovation Credit Scheme.

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