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Innovation Credit


Are you working on the technological development of a new product, process or service? Or the clinical development of a new drug or device? Take advantage of the Innovation Credit. The Innovation Credit is intended for the development of innovative development projects with considerable technological risks and an excellent market perspective.

With the Innovation Credit, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy contributes to the innovative capacity and sustainable growth of the Dutch economy. This is a way for the government to fulfil a need on the capital market, in which innovative projects cannot be financed entirely from private funds or the market. All companies, including start-ups and established businesses, can benefit from the Innovation Credit.

Budget allocation

The budget for 2023 has been allocated as follows: €30 million for technical development projects and €30 million for clinical development projects. Per project you can apply for a maximum of €5 million for clinical development projects and a maximum of €10 million for technical development projects. The credit rate varies per application and depends on the size of your business, and whether or not the project will be conducted in a collaborative venture.


The Netherlands Enterprise Agency does not approve every application for Innovation Credit. Your project has to meet certain criteria. For example, you can only apply for Innovation Credit for one specific development programme. You have to demonstrate that, within this development programme, there is a systematic reduction of the technical or clinical risks. You will also substantiate your own share of the funding with signed term sheets or contracts, including a buffer for setbacks and delays.

Read more about the conditions for Innovation Credit

Quick Scan

You will submit your plan or project via our Quick Scan, without further obligations. Our advisers use the information from the Quick Scan to give you advice. You can use this advice to submit a solid application. Have you completed the Quick Scan? Then one of our advisers will contact you within 2 working days.

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You can apply for Innovation Credit year round, from 2 January 2023 until 29 December 2023 at 17.00. The application form is in Dutch. Your attachments may be in English. It is very important that you complete the application for the Innovation Credit in full, as we process applications in order of completeness.

Read more about the application process and the attachments you need to complete to submit a full application.

You will need to log in using eHerkenning (eRecognition). For your application, you need at least Level 2+ with Netherlands Enterprise Agency services authorisation at Level eH2+. 

Apply for Innovation Credit

After your application

Following your application, we always plan an intake with you and one of our advisers. Next, we and an external advisory committee will assess your application. Has your application process been successful? Then you need to inform us of your progress during the project period. You can still adjust your plans during this period. Or you may submit an application for an additional amount in the event of setbacks or delays. At the end of project we will jointly determine the subsidy amount and a repayment schedule. In the event that your project is not successful, we may be able to temporarily or fully suspend repayments of the approved credit amount.

Read more about the process following your application

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Laws and regulation

  • The Framework Decision on national EZ grants. This decision contains information on most standard procedures. Such as those for payment of advances, reporting and notification of deviations in a project for which a grant has been awarded.
  • Chapter 3 title 9 of the National EZ Grants Regulation. This chapter is part of the Framework Decision. It states to whom and for which activities grants are awarded.
  • Subsidy game rules. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate's subsidy game rules apply to this scheme. These subsidy game rules cover, for example, eligible costs and obligations of a subsidy recipient.

The applicable legal texts for the Innovation Credit can be found on All the pages above are in Dutch. 

Intellectual property

It is wise to think carefully about intellectual property within your business strategy at an early stage. A smart strategy supports your business and adds value. With intellectual property rights (such as a patent) or alternatives (such as secrecy), you prevent others from making off with your innovation. Moreover, a protected product gives extra negotiating room if you are looking for partners or investors. Read more about patent and other intellectual property rights.

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